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Develop your child’s full potential with our world-renowned and science-based Montessori

Bringing Excellence
to Your Child Through Love for Learning


Early Years Excellence

We give children a solid foundation in life skills and confidence to achieve their full potential in the future. Our low teacher to student ratio ensures we develop every child individually as they need.

For Ages
18 Months - 6 Years

We adapt learning to different ages and encourage children to explore their interests, in addition to our STEAM-based curriculum, which has been embedded in the Montessori system for over 100 years.

15+ Years Of Experience

Our highly trained and dedicated teachers provide the support every child needs, guiding them to learn in a fun and engaging environment – in fact, we’ve had over 1,000 children join us so far.  All of our teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society.

Child-directed learning

A highly engaging and hands-on way of educating.

The goal of Montessori education is not accelerated learning, but such learning is often the result. Because children are naturally curious they’re given the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace, allowing them to fully develop their own capabilities. 

“We transitioned our oldest from Montessori into  traditional Kindergarten last year. She's in first grade now and still she's waaay ahead of the class”

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The Montessori Methodology

They learn skills like washing dishes, making food and helping at home through play, not through obligation.

Critical thinking & Curiosity

We foster different skills that help children make decisions and create solutions by determining what is right or wrong.

Social Connectedness

Our multi-aged classrooms and diverse cultural environment allow children to encourage and take care of one another, learn how to share and improve interactions.


Our Daily Program

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Montessori School


Traditional School

School meets needs of students

School meets needs of students

Curriculum is customized for every child

Curriculum is structured for the entire class

A discovery model of learning where children learn concepts from working with materials

Learn only from instruction, no room for discovery

Children are encourage to speak and work in groups

Children usually work silently at their desks

Emphasis on cognitive, social, emotional and value-based development

Emphasis on rote learning and social behaviour

Guided work cycles 

Block time / period lessons

Teacher acts as a facilitator

Teacher lectures

Mixed age grouping at every classroom allows learning by observation and collaboration

Same age groupings

Children identify own errors based on immediate feedback from educational materials designed to self correct

Teacher identifies errors

What they will learn:

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Arts, Music & Yoga

Express themselves freely by exploring movement, sounds, and art from around the world.

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Refinement of the 5 Senses

We encourage children to be naturally curious and learn about the world around them.

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Language & Communication

They’ll learn how to express themselves verbally and address their friends, family, and teachers in the right way.

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Practical Life Skills

We encourage children to take responsibility for their routines, look after others, and even tidy up after themselves.

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Math & Science

Encompassing numbers, shapes, and understanding the world around them, they’ll build a fascination for Math and Science to take with them into their education.

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Culture & Diversity

We begin to immerse our children in other cultures, giving them a sense of their own unique cultural backgrounds at an early age.

Meet our Teachers 

 Our Teachers are caring, compassionate and have an innate love for children.

Every one of our teachers are trained and certified by AMS American Montessori Society maintaining our Evergreen Montessori standards of education. We ensure that our teachers are able to offer individual attention to every child by maintaining low teacher to student ratios - one teacher for every 4 to 7 children in all our classrooms. At all times, a CPR certified staff member is present. 


My 4.5 yr old daughter has been going to the new Evergreen Montessori center at Yerba Buena for about a year now. Both me and my wife are extremely happy with her progress. It is an extremely well run institution with excellent experienced teachers and a great curriculum. They focus on the complete development of a child starting from knowledge of sounds, continents, planets to language and math skills, as well as a healthy dose of music/rhymes and play time. We have noticed improved social skills in our child as well. Highly recommended!

My daughter has been attending EMS for a year and a half. Our experience has been great. Teachers are very affectionate and provide a very loving environment for the students. Also, the curriculum is very good! Kids learn about letters, sounds, numbers, blending of sounds leading to reading, addition, celebrations around the world, volcanoes, continents and much more. I have been amazed at how much my daughter has learned and developed socially. I would highly recommend this school!

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