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Welcome to Evergreen Montessori

Nurturing children ages 18 months through Kindergarten for over a decade.

Program Outline

The Evergreen Montessori Standard 

Trusted, Evolving & Scientific Methodology

Nurturing & Loving Environment

Safe, Bright and Inquisitive spaces

AMS Accredited Teachers

AMS Affiliated Schools

Mixed-Age Classrooms

Customized Learning at Child's Pace

Teacher to Student Ratio 1:4 ~ 1:7

Freshly Cooked Healthy Meals

No Hidden Extra Fees

Evergreen Montessori Standard


"Evergreen is a school for parents dedicated to enhancing their child’s minds & exposure to life, 

and opening their hearts at their own pace"


Schedule a Tour

Schedule a visit at any of our 3 schools in Evergreen with Ms.Sunita Prakash, Director of EMS.

The Montessori Difference

  • Explore nature and scientifically designed indoor environment

  • Learn through hands-on experience

  • Gain a sense of their own ability 

  • Learn by collaboration & observation 

  • Master new skills

  • Engage without fear of making mistakes

At Evergreen, your little one begins to...

  • Manage challenges

  • Use problem-solving skills 

  • Build self confidence

  • Acquire self-worth & self-respect

  • Become well-rounded academically, socially emotionally for life

  • Become self-motivated independent thinkers, competing with personal best

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