Evergreen Montessori is dedicated to serving the San Jose Parent children community. The school was established over fifteen years ago with the Montessori Philosophy as its guiding principle. Evergreen Montessori School is affiliated with AMS (American Montessori Society).

Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to create an environment for facilitating the unfolding of the human potential. We provide an educational environment that fosters an enthusiasm for learning and encourages children to reach their fullest potential.


We strive to provide the highest quality Montessori education available; emphasizing basic academic disciplines and promoting the development of independence, self-respect and courtesy for others.

We believe in the process of life-long learning as an exciting journey. Each child possesses an innate sense of order, which develops as the child explores and defines the world. The child absorbs the world and learns by doing. Our focus is to provide academics that enhance critical thinking, life long discovery, inner discipline, positive social interactions, concentration, and task completion.


Our Staff

Our Teachers are caring, compassionate and have an innate love for children. Every one of our teachers are also trained and certified by AMS - American Montessori Society maintaining our Evergreen Montessori standards of education.

We ensure that our teachers are able to offer individual attention to every child by maintaining low teacher to student ratios - one teacher for every 4 to 7 children in all our classrooms.


At all times, a CPR certified staff member is present.

Our Staff at one of our 3 locations




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