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Welcome to EM Schools
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Evergreen Montessori is dedicated to serving the San Jose Parent children community. The school was established over fifteen years ago with the Montessori Philosophy as its guiding principle. Evergreen Montessori School is affiliated with AMS (American Montessori Society).


Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to create an environment for facilitating the unfolding of the human potential. We provide an educational environment that fosters an enthusiasm for learning and encourages children to reach their fullest potential.


We strive to provide the highest quality Montessori preschool education available; emphasizing basic academic disciplines and promoting the development of independence, self-respect and courtesy for others.

We believe in the process of life-long learning as an exciting journey. Each child possesses an innate sense of order, which develops as the child explores and defines the world. The child absorbs the world and learns by doing. Our focus is to provide academics that enhance critical thinking, life long discovery, inner discipline, positive social interactions, concentration, and task completion.

Mission and Philosophy

Our Staff

Our Teachers are caring, compassionate and have an innate love for children. Every one of our teachers are also trained and certified by AMS - American Montessori Society maintaining our Evergreen Montessori standards of education.

We ensure that our teachers are able to offer individual attention to every child by maintaining low teacher to student ratios - one teacher for every 4 to 7 children in all our classrooms.


At all times, a CPR certified staff member is present.


Our Staff at one of our 2 locations

Our Staff



Toddler completely absorbed in creative expression using elements from nature


Enjoying and exploring the fingers as a creative tool


Working with hands-on Math materials develops a deeper sense of understanding


Halloween fun

Winter Celebration

Winter Celebration can be so much fun. Singing on stage develops confidence.

Christmas Photo
Celebrating India 2022
Lunar New Year
Motor Skills Development

Our toddlers play naturally with specially designed toys that increase their dexterity and fine motor skills

Discovering Math visually

Our Montessori Method boasts an enormous treasure of well-designed tactile materials covering all subject matter which help children develop strong understanding of fundamentals

Advancing in Math concepts

Our discoverers learning 10s, 100s, thousands and larger increments with ease using visual tactile materials

Inquisitive little ones

Teachers act as facilitators. They create a space for nurturing inquisitiveness and guide children in discovering multiple answers to every wonder.

Kids learn by experience

EMS believes in taking every opportunity in bringing nature to the classroom - so kids love to touch, respect and nurture life.

Refining Motor Skills

As part of Practical life experiences, our little ones cut vegetables with specially designed knives, kneed, pound and whisk while enjoying making food and refining their motor skills.

Appreciating sounds

Learning to observe and imitate sounds is a great way to boost balanced brain development. Music is an integral aspect of EMS curriculum.

Organizing themselves

At EMS, children learn to organize themselves from start to finish. Equal importance is given to being involved during an activity as well as learning to put things back where they belong as part of completing any activity.

Kids enjoying Artwork

Much is expressed in colors - their feelings, emotions, and more importantly the subtle aspects that are lost in communication get full expression through their unrestrained artwork.

Making Free form Art

At EMS, kids get to creatively express their understanding, ideas, thoughts and feelings through art work. It is a wonderful extension of subtle communication beyond verbal communication.

Environmental Awareness

At EMS, we believe in caring for Nature - We encourage children to gain care and concern by learning about everything that nourishes and sustains them.

Perfect Body is Stable mind

At EMS, we believe a strong healthy body and a stable mind is essential in creating the perfect environment for learning. Solid academics are balanced with soft skills, enhancing both left and right brain activities.

Japanese Tea festival

Celebrating diversity nurtures the sense of inclusiveness and creates greater perspective towards growing up as harmonious global citizens.

Easter feast

EMS children enjoy celebrating special events and festivals across various cultures...

Chinese Cultural Program

EMS holds programs that celebrate cultures around the world: our little one participating and celebrating Chinese Cultural Program

Halloween day at EMS

Joyous kids have fun with props on halloween day

Play space

Children get ample outdoor play time twice during the day, every day. Snack time follows with good appitite.

Loving food

Meal time made fun and healthy so kids are fresh and energetic all day everyday! Nourishing milk with morning snack and fruit juice to cool them with evening snack.

Getting ready for nap time

EMS believes there is no better substitute for a good nap time. It does wonders for children's overall health, growth and well-being.

Photo Gallery


Parents enjoying the Diwali - A cultural event
Winter Celebration can be so much fun. Singing on stage develops confidence.

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